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WAV Or FLAC Which One Ss Better?

Everyone likes to have an uninterrupted music experience when they are hearing their favorite music. This is the place where the WAV vs FLAC comes both of them are kind of audio files which is very popular among this generation of people. But to choose among these audio files you have to understand what these audio files are, how do they get differs from one another, and which is better WAV vs FLAC. All these things can help you in selecting the audio file.

What is FLAC?

The FLAC is an abbreviation form of free lossless audio codec and this FLAC can help the individual in storing the audio files in a lossless format. The best thing about the lossless format is they can compress the audio to FLAC without disturbing or compressing the quality of the audio files.

The FLAC compressed audio files can be downloaded and played on any kind of device because their compatibility is great.

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What is WAV?

The WAV stands for waveform audio file format and this particular audio file format was developed by the Microsoft and IBM companies. They help in storing the audio files on computers and the best of WAV is unlike the FLAC the audio file will be not compressed it just stores the copy of the original music format in your device.

Here it is explained WAV versus FLAC, that help you in knowing which is better;


Usually, when you are compressing the audio files, it may lose their quality or their music might get disturbed. But both of these FLAC and WAV are lossless so even though they get compressed their quality will not be decreased.

Compressed or uncompressed:

When choosing the audio file formats from the WAV and FLAC that means you are going in between the compressed and uncompressed formats. The difference between WAV and FLAC is when you use the FLAC the file will be compressed but the WAV saves the exact copy of original audio. If you are very concerned about the space then going with the FLAC will be a better option.

The WAV is the uncompressed format of an audio file, it won’t lose their quality but the only thing is it occupies more space in your device. At the same time, the FLAC is opposite to WAV it compresses the audio format and may lose some of the details after compression.

Final thoughts

If you want to go with the brilliant option you have to understand the concept and difference between the FLAC and WAV audio files.